The Parks

As kids, the best part of the day was when we got to play outside. We’d rush home, change into our “play clothes” and head to the park to squeeze in as much time in the dirt before the sun went down. Whether it was building a fort, tackling the jungle gym or engaging in a heated game of Red Rover, being outside made a day at school seem like a distant memory. Why not keep that same rush-of-fresh-air mentality today and live with a park as your backyard?

Life at Olympic Park goes beyond just the four walls — it extends out to three parks! The nearly 200-acre Forest Park is so close that living at Olympic Park is like camping, but with your cozy bed! Prefer the feeling of sand between your toes and stunning water views? Howarth Park and Harborview Park are both mere minutes away.

When your neighbors include three amazing parks it’s your choice! Go for a run, host a picnic, join a work party to keep it clean, or go ahead and organize a little “Mother May I?” (Your nine-year-old-self would most definitely approve.)